Tilt the balance towards love… for a fairy-tale Christmas!

A little tradition

For a few years, Association Decent has been giving a personal touch to the charm that the winter celebrations come with, bringing, in a few parishes from the capital city, Bucharest, and others in the country, fairy-tale decorated Christmas trees, with special ornaments (many of them chosen and brought personally from abroad) and presents for children and destitute families. The Christmas preparations we do at home have inside the beauty of family, but those we do in church come with the joy of celebrating together, in community, in the extended family, the most important birth day in the history: that of our Saviour’s! Members and friends of Association Decent, we all tasted this joy and were delighted by the warmth that people received us with (members and employees of the parishes), in an atmosphere where Christmas carols, homemade bread, children’s emotions, the holiness of the place were as well present. Parishes like Saint George – Mogoșoaia, Saint George the New, Precupeții Noi, Saint Paraskevi Herasca, Saint George of Galateni (Teleorman), opened their doors to us.

Gifts start from Kilometre Zero

For the Brancovenesc establishment from the Km 0 in Bucharest, Saint George the New, this year will be the third consecutive year that we will decorate the Christmas tree in a royal style, as it suites a tree that will find its place next to Saint Nicholas’ relics, Saint Martyr Brancoveanu, Saint George and Saint Ephraim the New, under the care of Holy Great Martyr Marina represented in the icon given by the members of Association Decent along with the believers, a saint that worked great wonders even in the planning stage, before the icon was made.

We can’t forget that in the same Brancovenesc church we have the wonder-working icon of the Mother of God dating from the XVIth century. We would like this year’s decorations to match the church’s grandeur again, so some of them – unique, handmade – have already been ordered and wait for their place in the arms of a matching tree. Some others can’t wait to be picked from the shop windows abroad (especially Greece), knowing that their aim is to cheer other hearts… Romanian hearts. The journey is never difficult for the one who knows that the beauty of decorating is much more that the moment itself, an appreciated design or a primping gesture. This journey is going to be made by Mrs Lelia Marcu and it will bear, as always, the joy of praying for all Romanians. Not infrequently, the help received by the people through these pilgrimages, has been the most coveted present across the year! We invite you all to contribute with your donations for these activities, arranging together, for thousands people and children, a happy Saint Nicholas’ day and Christmas, by geting the trees, the decorations and the gifts for the little ones. We can’t imagine a December without presents, so last year we offered over 150 presents to children, that cheered up many kids, some of whom are from modest communities, others visually challenged or suffering of Down syndrome. This year we would like to bring joy, if possible, to a thousand children, during Saint Nicholas’ day and Christmas! This loved saint, Nicholas, we want to celebrate with the tree already decorated, which is why we are going to meet on December 1st to the church Saint George the New, to festoon the Christmas. It is going to be, like every year, the first decorated Christmas tree, the first church, not coincidentally from the country’s 0 Km, the church where our gifts will reach those who fervently wait for them, the children who have been dreaming for weeks for this moment.

The second Christmas of the parish Saint Paraskevi-Herasca

Last year, our Association had the honor to decorate the first Christmas tree of the new church Saint Paraskevi-Herasca, that replaces the one demolished during communism, just across The Jewish Theatre. We would like this year (on December 2nd ) to do the preparations together again in this church where Saint Paraskevi and Saint Paisios The Hagiorite, along with Saint Gregory Palamas are watching, from their wonder working icons, brought by our Association from Greece.

Decorating together

Afterward, we will take care of decorating the tree in another parish, underprivileged. And, if possible, we will continue with the gifts and trees’ decorating… only if you help us, as you did every year. The undamaged trees and decorations left from the last years will festoon some parishes with less means and the house of one family chosen (on social criteria) by the members of The Association Decent, a family that doesn’t have the means, but it is worth it. You can simply write to us or give us a call if you want us to do such a surprise to a dear person, no matter the age. Every story will be carefully analyzed by our team and be sure we will chose with our hearts, with love. Help us fulfilling a dream, arranging a happy Christmas to someone!

TILT THE BALANCE TOWARDS LOVE in the month of the holy love!

All the necessary preparations will be made in the next two weeks, so your support in the next period will be of real help, especially because the first Christmas tree is going to be decorated on December 1st. As you know, the activities don’t come down to lights, wreaths, little angels, snow globes, artificial snow, star, tinsel, tulle and little Santas, but they come down to what we all cherish most: the love that brings us together at the feet of He who was born for us; the love for the  saint of gifts, Saint Nicholas, whose holy right hand blesses from the Kilometre Zero of the country; the love for the Ruler of all Rulers, the light of Romanian orthodoxy, Saint Martyr Brancoveanu! The love is the one motivating us so… TILT THE BALANCE TOWARDS LOVE in the month of holy love! Donate for love! 

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