His birthday, our gifts!

Saint Nicholas is coming!

The saint of children, the saint of gifts, the saint of generosity! The Saint that holds out his right hand to do what first? To bless, to offer a gift or to catch you and grab you out of the trouble you are in… I wonder how many times his right hand blessed? How many gifts his hand offered? How many tears it wiped, how many foreheads it fondled? So much he offered, that his hand became a gift itself! A gift for us, Romanians, who have the incredible honor to keep the holy and generous right hand of Saint Nicholas right in center of the capital city, in the reliquary that saw many wonders! The hand that once offered gifts, is now a gift, whereas during Saint Nicholas’ celebration, we are the ones to receive gifts. His birthday, our birthday. This is Saint Nicholas.

What a saint and what a tradition!

During the celebration of this wonderful and wonder-working saint, we, members of the Association Decent, want to make sure that not only our dear ones from home receive a gift in the boots. We want that hundreds (or even thousands) of dear children to enjoy a little present from Saint Nicholas, on 5-6 of December, the day they say good-bye to all their troubles!

We did this last years and we received happiness for a life time Every child, every emotion, every “wow”, made us ask ourselves why this saint’s day doesn’t last longer! You can’t help smiling and being excited when you, in your turn, see that for the children, in those moments, it’s about them and THE GIFT. Nothing else matters to them, nothing else has a value. We offered gifts to children with health problems, children from modest families, but also to children “without labels” because the winter holidays are as well “without frontiers”. Last years we offered over 150 gifts, ready for hungry eyes and quivering hands and this time we want them to be many more. We depend on your help, on your implication, on the promptness you utter “present” to the call of good deeds. In a few days we start doing the shopping for the little ones and we would be really happy to gather as many “accomplices” that silently follow the gift’s path. As we do every year, we count on your joy to be next to us both when we organize and celebrate the big day that the children are already dreaming of. I don’t know how they call the one responsible with the gifts, but I know that Saint Nicholas made us all be responsible, with the best one-day job: to make sure that no child is left without a present!

Hand in hand

I am convinced that Saint Nicholas wants us all to become his right hand, from which the others might take everything His Holiness gave all his life: gifts, faith, Truth, compassion, unlimited kindness, love, sacrifice, warmth. We have so close to us, a warm fatherly hand that shows us the generosity path, encouraging us to be human unless we can be saints, reminding us that nothing is better than a loving gesture that includes us all. We have a support, a “mighty hand” we can hold on to, a symbol of generosity and a model to follow. Let us all become saint’s children, offering from the pockets of our hearts and the fruit of our hands, a gift that shall never be compared to other!

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