The Icon of Theotokos in our little Jerusalem

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My dearest, you already know that we have sent an order to Greece for a copy of this icon of Theotokos, Panagia Ierosolymitissa (Most Holy Lady of Jerusalem), whose image, according to saints, is closest to the original Theotokos. It will be brought to Bucharest, after being manufactured, to the Martyr Church “Sfânta Vineri Herasca” located centrally in the Capital, a church where we also have the wonders performing icon of Saint Paraschiva, lately, also that of Saint Gregory Palamas and Saint Paisios the Aghiorite, brought by the help of God and some of you (the very place where Holy Theotokos wanted to be, sending a miraculous sign, although we had set our mind in bringing it to the Church of Saint George).

The manufacturing of this icon, alone, will cost 35 000 euro, without the transport expenses and manufacture of the canopy that will accommodate it in the dimensions required by us (although we hoped it should cost 10 000 less), namely 120/100 cm. We were given a minimum time of two months for its execution. I dare not hope it will be finished by Easter, the time being too short, but we hope to rejoice in having it at least for the Pentecost. Therefore, we ask all of you, having piety to the Theotokos, who wish and are able to, for a donation according to possibilities or heartiness. Any amount is appropriate for such a wonderful project and a gemstone or a semi-precious stone would be in harmony with the icon image. Surely, the Holy Theotokos will reward each and every one of you. We would like, in our little Jerusalem, Bucharest, this vivid icon of the Queen of Heavens and Earth to be patronizing over the whole country, over all Romanians everywhere in the world, not just over Bucharest and over everyone who has been contributing or will contribute from now on to its execution. The icon is to defend us against the war which is to come, against the war between one another, against plagues, losses and plundering of the country… exactly the way this beautiful prayer says! Time has come for Romania to reveal itself as it is, one of the Gardens of the Theotokos. Therefore, we should start our day with a good deed, so that the Holy Theotokos helps our people glitter in holiness, as we are “destined” to. May you be blessed together with your families and with everyone else you bear in your hearts! May you find yourself under the Protection of our Lady, the Holy Theotokos, our most precious, dearest, beloved Mother and Most Pure Mary having gain, health, peace and salvation! Amen!

I hereby place, in attachment, the bank account for our Association, Decent, whose project the icon execution is, an account into which you may donate any dime, or you might as well contact me directly on the telephone no.: 0040758889848. May God help us all!

ACCOUNT DETAILS: ASOCIATIA DECENT (Please mention: donation for the execution of the Icon Panagia Ierosolymitissa)

Banca Transilvania

Account in Euro: RO20BTRLEURCRT0291932701

Account in Lei: RO70BTRLRONCRT0291932701


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