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Tilt the balance towards love!

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Gabriela Gherase: Nowadays, it all happens in a dangerously fast pace, out of which it seems impossible to escape. The whole world seems to move so fast, but not really in the good direction. It seems to be going downhill, pushed by our bad deeds, by our daily disregard, by our inertia that turned into a habit. You often mention our cold hearts as a constant of the actual times… Read More »Tilt the balance towards love!

A Blog! What for?

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Why do we need a blog on an NGO website…? Because an NGO’s activity practically survives due to donations. We have been invited to hold conferences, to have our own broadcast in the air on several TV channels, radio, online etc. I categorically refuse! Why? Because we are supposed to involve amounts of money, energy, people, time and many other things in order to hold a conference, for example. A… Read More »A Blog! What for?

Mankind, Whereto?

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Mankind, Whereto? Because Association DECENT works according to the mottos: Tilt the balance towards love and Decency is the pathway, I consider that my role, our role, of the members of Association DECENT, the role of each and every one of us, is right this one: to tilt the balance towards love but by walking down on the pathway of decency, not on that of decay, the way the trends… Read More »Mankind, Whereto?