Everything I do is wrong!

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Sorin Ștefan Diaconu, Alba Iulia: “I think I am a normal man. I have qualities and drawbacks, like everybody. There is a “but”, of course, meaning that, even if I do the things right, they go wrong exactly when I need them more to turn out well. I am referring to my job, especially, and to girls. I am not ugly or stupid, I am educated and I’m not bad with with finances either. Despite all these, I feel like I get stuck and everything I do goes wrong! That’s no good and it affects me so much that I got not to socialize anymore and be the subject of everyone’s ironies. This has to has an explanation, something is wrong with me. A little help wouldn’t hurt. At my age, I should get on my feet at least now, at the last minute. I will donate to Association Decent, for your activities. Congratulations, you are an oasis of peace, of hope!! Maybe we see you soon flesh and blood, so to say.”

Lelia Marcu: I could detail some methods to prevent “embarrassment in public”, on the grounds of high emotionalism, but I am not going to. If I were you (we all went through this, episodically), I wouldn’t create scenarios about what to do and what to say, in order to get it right. I would simply do what is to be done and that’s it, without thinking at the others’ opinion or even at the result. I would do or say what is necessary only because I have to, so as to do my duty. Paying too much attention to what we do can lead to mistakes. I will raise, saying that inner demons of pride are responsible for this, they are guilty! When you dump the pride’s and laziness’ demons (those two are blood brothers), everything goes well! If we put duty on top of everything, duty assumed out of love (those two are blood sisters), it’s harder to fail! And even if we fail, in the eyes of others and ours, we will only be HUMAN, nothing else, which is… PERFECT!