A very powerful prayer!

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Loredana C., Slobozia: I received a prayer that people say it is, to quote, very powerful! It is an Orthodox prayer to Mother of God, but I don’t know, something doesn’t sound right… what do you think? You, the community… thank you!

Lelia Marcu: Prayers are less powerful or more powerful, depending on the state of the one praying, right? One may have a serious problem and, in this case, the prayer can be very powerful or, if we are too weakened by the impact of the problem’s gravity, we might get to say that expression known by everybody: it’s as if I don’t even feel like praying, this is how sad I am! If we refer to a prayer composed before, we can’t say it’s very powerful or particularly powerful. Powerful in prayer is the one who believes unflinchingly. That is why it doesn’t sound right, because saying that a prayer is more powerful than other is somehow inappropriate, in most of the cases. Should we skip simple prayers like “God, help me!”, only because other prayer is more powerful, for the simple reason that it contains specific requests, details about problems, eventually some curses? No. Believing in prayers that are more or less powerful is a kind of magic molded on Orthodoxy, an accuse to simpler prayers and to those to whom the prayers are lifted for. You can’t say the Mother of God is weaker in fulfilling prayers, if a prayer doesn’t sound complicated or doesn’t seem powerful. Only the inner cry, to Her, can be weaker, that’s all, because we are weak in faith usually or in a specific moment. It’s useful not to give magical connotations to Orthodoxy! Orthodoxy doesn’t have anything magical, it only has Truth in the True Lord, nothing more. May every prayer be of use! Things happen according to how much we believe and how much we deserve… or how much we know how to ask. It’s just that this knowledge, of asking more or less powerfully, consists in the power, in the dimension of simple piety and not in elaborate sentences. May God help! May we hear good news, with our hearts upraised with “God, have mercy on me!” It’s powerful, this “God, have mercy on me!” Guaranteed! I checked! Hundred times… thousand, maybe!