I love a man from another country, other race and my parents don’t agree!

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Rebeca Onisor: My lady, I am a Roma woman. There are some rules we have and things are not good for me from this perspective, because I love a man from another country, other race and my parents don’t agree and when I say they don’t agree I mean the worst, they said they won’t even see me again, if I were to choose this guy. I’m 22, I’m a grown up, I can make my own decisions, we live different times now. How do you suggest I should act? Thank you.

Lelia Marcu: My dear, of course we are declared adults at 22 and we have the right to choose our partner. Despite all these, the differences between you two will have a word later, when this big fire of love shall cease and be replaced by another one, calmer. It’s not the race that can keep you apart, but the differences in culture and language, religion, traditions and many others. You need to be extremely powerful to overcome such obstacles, when they come… and they do, believe me! That is why I don’t advise you to end this relationship, but to take into account that listening to your parents, up to a point that doesn’t affect one’s freedom, is not really a catastrophe, on the contrary! What parent would want something bad for his child? Don’t parents have more experience, which makes it very possible that they are right? Let’s see, let’s analyze, what do I have to lose? That’s how it is. Don’t be afraid of the result. Whatever the result might be, it’s for your sake and happiness, I am sure. After falling in love, there comes the reason, no matter you want it or not. It’s better if it comes willingly before. If you find out he’s how you thought, you’ll have an enormous satisfaction! If you find cracks, don’t try to fix someone else’s wall, you won’t succeed… it’s better for you to get out from there so it doesn’t fall upon you, one day, after a big life’s quake! I hope to hear good things!