Should we read the akathist of Father Arsenie Boca?

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S.I. from Hațeg: Mrs Lelia, the nuns from Prislop don’t let us read the akathist of Father Arsenie Boca because, they say, he hasn’t been canonised. Then, why do they let people come to his tomb, as to a saint?

Lelia Marcu: Father Arsenie Boca is a saint, I myself confessed this before many people. Despite this, it’s normal not to read his akathist until being canonised, because praise should be given to a saint that exists in the calendar as a saint, not to one who doesn’t exist there, even though, I repeat, he is one of the biggest saints. Of course, there might be other canonical reasons that I don’t even dare to search. The nuns from Prislop and wherever don’t state their position, they state what the Church says, in obedience. So we should listen to them without any useless “but”. Otherwise, we might see that anybody who thinks that someone is saint, true or false, will write an akathist without blessing, without the saint being canonised and what would this lead to if not to a continuous madness? For the rest, if we have such curiosities, we should ask our confessor, for it’s the safest way to the correct answer. May God help us!