Mankind, Whereto?

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Mankind, Whereto?

Because Association DECENT works according to the mottos: Tilt the balance towards love and Decency is the pathway, I consider that my role, our role, of the members of Association DECENT, the role of each and every one of us, is right this one: to tilt the balance towards love but by walking down on the pathway of decency, not on that of decay, the way the trends of this beginning of the century are somewhat trying to re-educate us to do. LOVE is a characteristic more dearly than all the earth’s riches, than any diamond, than anything else which could be of quality and use to us. Certainly, man needs air, water, food, health, education, and many other things…all these, however, without love, mean nothing, they are like smoke, they do not have a solid foundation.

More than two years have passed since this site has been launched and more than four years since we have founded Association DECENT, time in which I kept asking myself, permanently, if there is anything I could do for my brethren, all over the world, by using this path, in a correct, sustainable manner, having in mind world events, the steep slope the world has started to slip on, like the aperture of hell. What can one person, or a handful of people do? Perhaps we may never find the answer to it. However, doing something is more than doing nothing, at least doing it for some people, for one person or even for yourself and one may call it that you did not loaf about in vain.

Throughout all these years, indeed, we have accomplished many things. Only us, the members of this Association and some other few people know how difficult it was … Looking back, we do not remember much, although the joy in the faces of those we helped would not only have deserved long driving hours on roads, continuous expenses, sleepless nights or broken cars for too much usage, tears, frustration, fatigue, but even to go round the Earth for it, if that had been possible! As I say, sometimes I would go to the confines of the earth, if I had to, for a single human being. If he wants to, if he receives my effort, if he lets himself to be helped… In fact, the problem with this world seems to be this: man would not let himself be helped; he wants help, but he wants it in his conditions, not according to the situation he finds himself in. Nothing of what our Lord Jesus said 2000 years ago! As a therapist, I can tell you that this is a problem I have to face daily, not only in the case of those I am trying to help, but also in the case of everyone else around me, at least from time to time, and even myself, maybe daily, and I do not even realise it, for, as a matter of fact, a doctor is never able to cure himself efficiently. A doctor of souls mainly operates on the heart, on mind, trying to make this difficult connection between the two and, then, further on, link them as a unit to real life, not to the imaginary one, as a rule, the one almost all of us are living, always leading to being disappointed, to anxiety or worse! Then, connecting man’s life to God seems a mission almost impossible to accomplish, especially when, as a therapist, you find yourself in the same boat, too small to fight with the storms of life. One’s life boat can only be anchored to God! Otherwise, it is impossible to cross the sea of life without being sunk, by its storms, its confusions, or even by a small wave, into the deepest abyss of sadness, of physical, spiritual or even psychological illness, a bottomless abyss, infinitely darker than tar, a place where no one but God can climb down to save you, be able to see you and grab your hand, being the Light in your path, as Jesus had gone down to the abyss of hell in order to bring up the light of knowledge and eternal love, preaching perfection with the purpose of taking out from the dark hell anyone desiring to be taken out. Indeed, we are so, we, the people living 2000 years after Christ, having the Light coming down on Earth every year, but covering our eyes in order not to see it. Certainly, in the end, in the dark, one sees no longer the destruction of his/her life, family, body or what happens to his/her mind. Only that, this attitude, of an ostrich sitting with the head buried in the sand, does not help, on the contrary, one’s hump is outside, beaten and subdued by anything or anyone coming across, without, at least seeing, who is hitting or subduing … terrible, isn’t it? Head in the sand, the pain never disappears. This lack of wishing to understand the condition we find ourselves in, for fear of what we may find (as if our hearts wouldn’t know it all the same!) leads us to destruction, sooner or later, both as an individual and as a nation, mankind itself is becoming extinct. Being human, today, unfortunately, has become a questionable term, flexible and reshapable, or having an orientation. Some kind of damaging globalization is laying dominion on mankind, making it an indescribable herd, something which is well similar to the old story of so many Angels of Light turning into Angels of Dark.

Telling someone: WAKE-UP! Is like insisting in making enemies! Now, the balance of love needs tilting more than any time, stepping on your toes throughout one’s sea of life, performing a general purification almost impossible to make and being overwhelmed with fighting, it seems, in vain. This is the work of a therapist, perhaps that of a physician, of a teacher or even that of a priest nowadays. The fog of selfishness seems to become thicker and thicker, darker and the three evils of the world a saint was talking about are dominating the entire earth, continuously fighting for personal supremacy, although they go hand in hand: IGNORANCE, INDIFFERENCE and OBLIVION. Yes, the three viral plagues of mankind, sweet as honey but more poisonous than the strongest venom, that poison that had destroyed so many kings in history, little by little, in time, in order not to know that they had been poisoned, and escape, in order not to know who had poisoned them and, as a consequence, to grasp their power. Power, my dearest, today, more than any other time, is not in man’s hands, the way God allowed it when he made man master over all earth, no, the power is not even in the hands of the great powers of the world that we endeavour to blame. The power of this world is not even in the hands of Satan, we blame so easily. The power is in the hands of these three emperors of darkness: IGNORANCE, INDIFFERENCE and OBLIVION, rulers into whose hands we, alone, have surrendered our humanity!

Lelia Marcu, with love.