”I’ve been having nightmares for years!”

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Nicole Leer, California: I am not sure if I am addressing the right person, the person able to help me… I found you on the site of a friend of mine that you counselled on her relationship. I have no such problem; my problem is more complicated because I have been suffering of burnout for many years; I am physically and mentally exhausted, I have been growing fat enormously! I don’t feel comfortable to tell you my weight right now, but you might as well imagine the worst of it in the case of a woman only 26 years old. It is very difficult… it’s so hard, Mrs Lelia, that I don’t really know how long I am able to bear this burden any more. It’s all because of dreams… I’ve been having bad dreams, really bad dreams for years. My nights cannot be called nights any more for a very long time, I tell myself that I don’t really go to sleep but I go to bed to create nightmares. I have seen doctors, I have been hospitalized, I have tried hypnosis and homeopathy, alternative and complementary cures, I have seen people with various therapeutic skills, normal and paranormal, I have tested teas and various pills, NOTHING! It’s like a curse, like witchcraft! Tell me, if you can, what this is, what you believe this is, maybe you have experience. I cannot resist any more! I am hanging on a last hope, believing in God, still, after so many years, that He is going to make me well! I thank you and ask you to reply to my message if you find an answer or even if you don’t. The truth is something that would really help me, more that sitting and waiting. Have a day with the sun in your soul and peace!

Lelia Marcu: Beautiful soul, this equation is so simple, only that you didn’t have the right person around to show you the result. I advise you that this faith you are speaking about to allow it to become real, to live it with all your senses, from your entire soul, with your thinking and with all your heart! Allow your soul to fly also towards the still waters of love for everything around: air, water, flowers, your home, everything you have, everything around you, enjoy them all! Almost all have something beautiful in themselves… it is so simple! If you make your heart get used to see the beauty in everything, if you are going to occupy your heart and mind with what is beautiful and good, with love and hope, instead of petrifying your heart, filling it with anxiety and feeling abandoned, your mind, filled with beauty, will do the same thing; at night, in time, it will process everything beautiful, and all your nights will be really beautiful nights of rest! Sweet dreams, my dearest! I am looking forward to hearing that things go well!