”I don’t believe in anything!”

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Toth Mihai, Bucharest: Mrs Lelia, I would believe in something, but I don’t believe in anything! I don’t believe in God’s creation, in God, in the power of the church, whatever that might be, I don’t believe in this life, nor in the one afterwards, but only in HERE and NOW! I am open, somewhat, somehow, to believe. What is your argument?

Lelia Marcu: I would like to convince someone but I don’t have who, because you do not exist, you did not exist in the past, you do not exist at present, nor will you exist in the future, just because you affirm that you believe in a single thing, nothing! Therefore, to convince nothing of something is a really crazy thing to do, no one would try it! You said that you do not believe in creation, in God, in the present and future, therefore, you do not exist; nothing cannot give birth to anything, much less to a man having so many machineries to function within himself, more precise than the best watch and more intelligently made to function than the most intelligent man on earth!