Let’s festoon the Christmas tree in the house of the One who created the tree!

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I don’t think there is a moment more special in the calendar of December than festooning the Christmas tree, when you don’t even know which ornaments to touch first. Painted little globes, dressed in lace or those that hide inside a world covered in snow are the rivals of candies wrapped in colorful paper or small houses of gingerbread that await the elders with presents. Paper angels are looking for their place, quiet, on cotton wool and the green pine needles stretch their arms to receive the tinsel as a well-deserved decoration within a beauty contest.

We admire all these at home, with our dear ones, looking meaningfully at the place under the tree, while we already imagine where our longed-for present will appear or we have designs on the candies that defy our patience from the tree for which they had prepared all year long.

Yes, it is very beautiful to festoon the tree at home, especially if you are lucky enough to feel the smell of pine tree combined with sweet bread and other home-made goodies. But maybe it’s more beautiful to festoon the tree at Home, in the church, where saints celebrate God’s Birth. How is it to ornate the tree when carolers sing, with your eyes set on the Birth scene or on the ornaments that seem to gain a special warmer light, a shine that define that very place in which the Light lives?

We, members of the Association Decent, have the honor to share the Christmas tree and to decorate it in this period for three churches: two of them have Saint George as protector (Saint George the New from the capital city and Saint George from Galateni, Teleorman) and one that has Saint Nicholas as patronal feast: the church Precupeții Noi from Bucharest.

In order to collect the necessary things, we need your support and the support of those who know that the good is born from good deeds. We will make 70 presents to the children in Bucharest, blind or with Dawn syndrome and 30 presents to the children from Teleorman. We want to offer them sweets and clothes. A hundred presents are not difficult to make if we wish our little implication to become something great in the eyes of a few children that may carry in their souls worries bigger than ours. Help us continue this project! Don’t give too much, but give with all your heart!

He Who pours rain from heaven is asking you for a few cents.
He Who can cast thunder and lightning says “have mercy on Me!”
He Who dresses the sky with clouds is asking you for a cloth. 

(Saint John the Chrysostom)


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