What made

Lelia Marcu

The love for people and God, I might say… this would sound nice, elevating, but it wouldn’t be true! I don’t consider I reached the level of such righteousness that I could pretend to do this, to feel such a love only saints have! A true answer would be: the need… the need for love, the need for sharing my experience, that of a person who managed to get out – to some measure – form the hell of the sins that cry out to heaven, from the hell of preconceived ideas, from the hell of a life philosophy absolutely wrong and detrimental! This kind of experiences unshared denote selfishness, short-sightedness, limitless pride, total lack of love for our neighbors, complete disinterest to our brother’s grief, to the fate of this  world that today – more than ever in the history of the humankind – finds itself in a deadly decline.

Once, a zealous man that had love for me, but not for the fate of the world too, told me: you thought you were going to change the world by yourself! And he laughed… It was then that I lived one of the most unpleasant moments of helplessness in my life, a moment of total frustration, knowing, feeling that it wasn’t true and that these very words could motivate me to fight further or they could put me down to such an extent that I would totally abandon myself, my dear ones, those I could take out from the hell of despair, God and my trust in His Almightiness and Wisdom. Fortunately, a few meters away from me, there was the wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God Gorgoepikoos (Quick to hear, quick to aid) from Lainici Monastery, my chance from God being that in that moment I found myself there, in the courtyard of this monastery, one of the monasteries dear to my soul. The Mother of God was truly quick to aid and to hear, since She helped me not to fall into despair or abandonment, but listen to the voice of my heart saying:  Yes, Lelia, a single man that changed himself changes the face of this world! A world without this man is different, a world with a single man changed is a different world, it’s new, it’s that world with something in plus, not the former one lacking someone… so, fight, Lelia, for a single person if that’s what it takes, just like the Heaven with its host of saints, has mobilized only for you, a single person, in order to change you, that are unworthy! Those that are great in Heaven fought only for you, a rottenness, and you – who have to do much less than that, nothing else than to testify to the world that it is possible, showing an undeniable example – are pulling away?  When you changed, the whole world changed! Before, this world was practically infected by your presence, by the no-good that you were back then, by the bad apple from the basket that would make all the other apples go bad… It’s not that I’m perfect now… no! The terrible smell of your sins rises to the sky; instead, you could be like the frankincense or the myrrh with good smell, rising to the Lord of your heart! Fight, Lelia, for a single soul and this way you will not be the only one earning redemption, but understand that the one who changed will become, in his turn, confessor of the same IT’S POSSIBLE! FOR WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH MAN, IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD!

May the Love and Peace of our Lord come down on us all! May the Lord’s Grace be our protecting veil in these rough times of the humankind, in its frightening capotage! One thing I understood: sending cute little hearts and talking about the importance of love’s fire are not enough. WE HAVE TO BE THE FIRE ITSELF! The faith without works is dead, a Saint said. Therefore, my dears, let’s gather our hearts in a work that shows love, because a single soul, they say, it’s more valuable to God than the whole Universe! Fight for that unique soul and the face of the world will change, will gain a face of Light that, in its turn, will spread light… This way, we will make peace with our hearts, our conscience, our Lord, this way we will earn the Kingdom of Heaven for good!

With love, Lelia Marcu, hugging you all!

Costinel Marcu

I received as homework to put on paper the reason that made me be a part of the crew of the DECENT Association ship, as it is beautifully mentioned in the presentation About us.

I think it’s not about a reason, but actually about a wish… I long for a world in which decency, in all its forms and meanings, is not something to talk about, explain, exemplify or something that you have to fight for. Decency is or should be something that is organically part of us, just like we need oxygen to breathe… Let us be truly alive and not become living dead. I really dare to dream of a world in which children say “I kiss your hand, mother, I kiss your hand, father” whenever they leave to school; a world in which people don’t forget they are “in God’s image and likeness”, consequently they are sons of Lord and this implies that decent behavior I mentioned in the beginning. Judging things this way, I think it’s useless to philosophize in vain – most of the times – about how the world should look like. I truly believe we should start living decently and simply and through the power of our own example, we should change the others, for it’s ineffective to think unless we act and it is written: “faith without works is dead”.

Someone once asked me what scares me the most and I answered that the thing that scares me would make him laugh or smile at best… It scares me that people don’t trust each other anymore, that our hearts got colder to such an extent that when we see someone fell on the street, we carelessly move forward. It scares me that we no longer have the courage to open our door at night to some strangers that might be tired and look for a place to rest; it terrifies me that when we see a beggar with an outstreched hand asking for a penny, we pass indifferently and not only we don’t give him anything – although it is written that every time a poor outstreches his hand and you give him something, there is Christ’s hand above his hand and it’s acutally God who you are giving something to, not the poor – but we also despise him. It scares me that we walk like zombies in a world full of sins and that we don’t have the courage to take attitude when needed. It scares me that our girls don’t blush of shyness and timidty and many others…

What do I want? I want people to remember that are sons of a Lord, I want them to smile with joy when they meet, i want that “spiritual nobility” – as beautifully put by Father Paisios of Mount Athos – to be a natural feeling and not a rare pearl; I also want us to daily remember our Savior’s commandement: A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. In conclusion, let’s all join this Arch of love, so that we reach the shore together and say with joy: Christ is Risen!

Marcu Costinel

Thinking of what motivated me to get involved in the Association, I realize that the correct sentence would be “who made me fight”, because in everyone’s life there is a “who” that weighs when making a decision, a landmark-person, someone who makes the difference and changes the direction. In my case, Mrs. Lelia Marcu is the one who determined me to get involved in the activities of this association, showing me – through her own attitude – that doing good deeds for others doesn’t have to be a stray nice gesture, but a way of living. From her I know that a good deed is not something to praise, is not some news that is worth the first page of the newspaper and everyone’s amazement, is not something special, but a simple duty (maybe forgotten) that we all have. An old proverb says that the lake is filled drop by drop, so I would like our lives to be filled with drops of love, with drops of joy that we could help someone, seeing in this simple duty not an obligation but its true meaning: a blessing. I also wish that Mrs. Lelia Marcu’s motivational message, full of meaning, could touch everyone’s soul, in order to make it possible for our little gift to coagulate and give birth to a big heart, in the name of decency and love!

Gabriela Gherase

As an educator, you know that the first stage in the teaching process is represented by “grabbing the attention”. While some teachers might see it as a waste of time and others may treat it superficially, educators of minds and souls that are truly involved and dedicated to the work they do are fully aware of the fact that this first stage is extremely important and that it can show you the way to achieve the wanted results. Sometimes you need an entire process to grab someone’s attention and other times you need one word only. In my case, the name “DECENT” of this Association created mixed feelings and functioned as an opposite pole magnet. This name cannot be chosen randomly, I told myself, and I started the exploration. The people I found in Decent Association after that and that I started to know step by step, were and are priceless gifts in my life. It’s a balm for the soul and a heavenly blessing to have around you People so beautiful, so good and open, always ready to give a hand to those who are facing difficulties.

It’s sad, but it’s the reality of our days… decency, common sense, good conduct, have come to be seen as signs of stupidity or inadaptation and treated with suspicion and restraint, whereas vulgarity is to be meet everywhere, the majority of us accept it, practice it or tolerate it in many aspects or our lives.

From these reasons and many others, I can’t say what made me get involved or try , as much as possible, to make part of this community, but I can mention the honor and the great opportunity that God put in front of me!

Warm hugs and heartfelt thanks to everyone!

Diana Manciu

Radulian Nectaria

Mother, wife and entrepreneur, I joined Decent Association from a desire to build a more beautiful world, lit by faith. I wish – for myself and my family as well – the opportunity to live a reality based on justice, truth and decency.

Mamă, soție și antreprenor, m-am alăturat Asociației Decent din dorința de a construi o lume mai frumoasă, luminată de credință. Îmi doresc atât pentru mine, cât și pentru familia mea oportunitatea de a trăi o realitate bazată pe dreptate, adevăr și decență.

Radulian Nectaria

Valentin Cioromela

I decided to get involved in the projects of Decent Association out of a natural feeling of the faithful man. I want to bring support to those who need it. Having the faith that once we follow the path of good conduct we will succeed, I hope that any little thing matter in everyone’s life. I hope something can still be changed in order for our life to be eternal. The deeds of each and every one of us will remain written in our life’s book and they will speak on behalf of us.

Valentin Cioromela