Decency is the way


Decent NGO

A journey in the world of decency

On our vessel, we are struggling to trim the mainsails in the direction of decency.

As you know, the sea is often restless, the waves are whirling and the currents are averse, as if trying to take all boats to the land of indecency.

Despite all these, we think that together we can save ourselves, fighting for the things that should truly guide our journey: self-respect, dignity, kindness and faith.

We want our crew to grow bigger, strong and united, so we are inviting you all… from the whole world, to pilot along with us this vessel of love and decency!


Vision & Mission


The Association Decent was created from the desire to remind that our beauty lies in decency, that courtesy means nobility and that elegance is what defines each and every one of us, as long as we stay decent


Within its programs, the Association aims to define decency as normality and to call attention to some of the true human values like benevolence, propriety, friendship. For this, it addresses to everyone through: conferences, interviews, photos and videos, books, translations, activities with children (foreign languages), construction of hospitals, sanatoria, churches, and schools – in remote areas, where mountaintops touch the sky and the children living in the village have to walk miles into freezing cold, snow, rain or heat, in search of education. Also, our Association supports charity cases, ill people, fellows who are in need, because we know that It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20, 35). Our team loves people, delicacy and the courage to be decent!


We wish to discover together the power and the joy of good deeds, to share what we have and who we are. Let’s remember that we are never alone, that we can support each other, that the solutions are often within our reach and that we only have to choose them together. We may be small, but we can do big things! Let’s contribute to kind deeds, let’s make a tiny sacrifice for someone’s smile, and let’s not forget that a compassionate gesture can bring hope. Our involvement and efforts can be the very treatment that some people need. We think that being human and humanity are more important than prejudice and that bringing joy is actually a joy in itself. Also, we consider that we define ourselves through others, for we are people once we show love. Being there for the others mirrors our hearts and that is why we hope that in the core of these good deeds we would find the path back home, to our true values.


The patron saints of the Association Decent are:

  • Father Arsenie Boca and

  • the Holy Martyrs Brancoveanu,

to whom we pray for guidance.



Costinel Marcu
Costinel Marcu

Founding Member

I give you a new command: love each other. Love each other in the same way I have loved you. 35 If you love one another everyone will know that you are my disciples.

The Holy Gospel of John, Ch. XIII, Vers. 34-35 Tweet

Projects & Activities

Tilt the balance to love!

  • social involvement
  • material and emotional help for those in need
  • volunteering

Decency in all!

  • conferences and television shows for educational purposes
  • supporting moral values
  • therapy
  • pilgrimages
  • publishing and translating books

My beautiful country

  • promoting identity values
  • dialogue with other cultures

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was faced God, and God was the Word. The Word was faced God in the beginning. All things were made through him and not even one thing that was made was not made through him.​

The Holy Gospel of John, Ch. I, Vers. 1-3 Tweet
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De ce un blog?

Why a blog on an NGO site? Because an NGO actually lives out of donations. An NGO needs a site, but for me, as well as promoting and informing about activities. I have been invited to hold conferences, to have my own broadcasting space on several televisions, on radio, on line, etc. I categorically refuse! Why? Because we should move amounts of money, energy, people, time, and much more to make a conference, for example, while a site gives me an on-line conference if you want. Why unnecessary expenses from the money of those who work to collect other money, why time lost with organization and time lost for the participant when comfortable with less resources from bed, chair or chair, train or tram , on a plane or on a bench in a loved park, at a coffee or ... wherever we need food for the soul, just a click away, can I find out what interests me? Why sit and do tea or coffee in the infinite, when the other can not drink tea or coffee or maybe has other preferences? Why should I lie with a few well-crafted words, with a biscuit at most or a brochure, with a booklet on a book that she pays anyway, just to get everyone to donate, maybe as much as possible and not by powers or after the lust of heart, forcing in his heart what God himself does not do? Why with a big and warm smile on the outside but bitter on the inside, try to prove what I can not prove to myself, that I have already become OM and deserve more than a smile ... can applaud, money, appreciate ... to give autographs and listen to what I would not listen to, selling my freedom of heart, the humiliation and dignity for them or for the money that, I believe, justifies all this pretentious, cunning, and not at all pleasing source of God? Why not let each one do exactly what his heart asks, what can, as much as possible or not at all, just because there Up, no matter how much he gives, he counts as much as his heart and not how much put in the envelope or how did he write the CEC? Why, if God Himself gave freedom to man (freedom to do good, not evil), do I believe that if I push the limits, will I get more? Yes, the rhetoric is with me, it is in me, the knowledge necessary to make a resounding lecture, like ... but is it good, is it fair to the one who listens to me? I wonder again, is it not me, acting like this, a sly man who hopes to obtain funds, even for a noble cause, by a gesture far from the spiritual nobility that I preach?

Thinking again and again deeply, perhaps too long, I say to you: I will not hold conferences if we do not organize them, the Decent Association, because those who donated the money with which such an event takes place , have worked hard; I prefer to help a poor or a child for education, a sad and alone mother with a child or an old man, ill or simply a homeless animal, a falling church, a future student without opportunities ... do the money ?! I will no longer have my own TV show if paid by the Decent Association, because the money and the time allocated can be much more effective, more efficient. Certainly, the Decent Association aims not only to help financially, but also through the Statute and the purpose of helping in education, including the spiritual, but we will not do it according to trends, as many would ask, but simply clean, it's possible new to the imperfect.

We will let each of you appreciate what we do or not to do in our activities, whether to donate or not, and if he donates to help to work for projects, let him make each one how much and how he feels, how much heart he has, how he has godliness, passion or love, bending to anything we propose, members of the Decent Association with you, all who inspired us to do that! Let it be with joy, be with love, how many troubles I see, present or I will meet. Life has good and more evils from which, by extracting the mirror of love that has been done all, we can heal the hearts or lives of many. In the sea of ​​life there is sunshine, good weather, but also storms, even hurricanes... it is important to go for a minute, like Peter, on its gloss without sinking, believing in the power of love, of unity and of God! Be blessed for all the good that you will do, we wish you to earn Heaven from here on earth! SO! It's all we can offer... it's a little, forgive us!

With love,

Lelia Marcu


Give up to one of your dreams in order to fulfil a bigger one,

putting a smile on the face of those who haven’t smiled for a long time!

Make the light and the hope rise in the hearts of those who are expecting a helping hand from you, knowing that above every hand there is God’s hand who receives everything you offer! Donate and this will fill your heart with joy, will make your dreams come true!

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