I’ve been having some headaches I can’t handle!

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Ioan Alexe, Timișoara: Good evening, everyone! I chose to talk about my problem because it’s become bothering and scary, although I know there’s nothing serious with my mind or with my tension and pulse. Let me tell you: when I am sad or very angry, I have terrible headaches that I can’t handle. I may be a man, but I’m wailing like a baby. I haven’t found anything else besides doctors. They don’t help because they say I am clinically fine. Still, there’s something going on with me, since I have pains. Is intracranial pressure possible without any cause? When I talk about tension, I would rather describe a pain that makes me crack my head, which is again, not appropriate! Thank you in advance!

Lelia Marcu: If I were you, I would search some more, I would go again to the doctor’s after a while. The persistence of pains, after some time, can indicate their physical cause. More plausible would be the idea that some people, especially men, when getting angry, accumulate or, better said, generate a tension much bigger than other people. They are like fire or like some explosions, by nature and that is why these head and stomach aches can occur. But headaches, sometimes accompanied by abdominal pains and nausea or vomiting are the most frequent. As a therapist, I recommend positive attitude in every thing, I recommend seeing the glass half full, since half a glass means a lot comparing to an empty glass. When you feel like this, it is recommended, from a spiritual point of view, to try to accept all the bad things, as a useful lesson. If we anchor our faith in God, in the orthodox teaching, it is clear that besides the exercise of positive attitude (I would call it faith, not positive attitude), it is useful to ask from God, the rightful owner of virtues, a few crumbs from the table of these virtues: a crumb of more love for your neighbor, a crumb of more patience, a crumb of acceptance, a crumb of sacrifice, a crumb of more wisdom because it will never be too much, a crumb of love for God, a crumb of will… nothing of all these is in plus in life’s pantry! Peace… look for peace and pains might disappear. We are looking forward to hearing good news! We wish you health and… if you haven’t done it already, test for allergies, who knows what the result will be?