I’m afraid to go to the doctor’s!

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Costi Costi, Iași: Good day! I have sometimes some back pains, especially when I’m bending too long, I can’t even straighten back. I am so scared of diagnosis, doctor and surgery that I’m not going in a million years. The problem is it makes me stay in bed and I can’t go to work. I am 29, I am from Iasi and I’m doing physical work, as a grinder. What should I do? What can I do for things to get better? If I go to the doctor’s, he will tell me to quit working and I am afraid I won’t find anything that pays better or that I will have a surgery or infiltration, it’s what I’ve heard. Could you help me with an opinion or even a distance treatment?

Lelia Marcu: I don’t do distance treatments. I can’t. There is no treatment that I have with me, “the treatment” is more related to words. You get rid of your fear in just one way: by going to the doctor’s, because otherwise you risk getting to the point where you will be afraid even to breathe, in order not to feel the pain, may God forbid! Think of this: if you go to the doctor’s, he will give you a diagnosis and treatment, investigations… There will be many steps until surgery and actually, no one forces you into anything, no doctor does something like this! Fearing to go to the doctor’s can lead to complications and bigger suffering or even no-way-out situations. Understanding things like this, why would we do this to ourselves instead of going to the doctor’s, find out what we have and receive help? Seeing things in this light, you will be afraid of not going to the doctor, not the other way round!