Tilt the balance towards love!

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Gabriela Gherase: Nowadays, it all happens in a dangerously fast pace, out of which it seems impossible to escape. The whole world seems to move so fast, but not really in the good direction. It seems to be going downhill, pushed by our bad deeds, by our daily disregard, by our inertia that turned into a habit. You often mention our cold hearts as a constant of the actual times that dehumanizes, separating the man from the others, from God, from himself. What worries you most regarding the state of the world right now?

Lelia Marcu: You gave the answer yourself, in context, without realizing it. The dangerously fast pace that makes us not move correctly in life’s space, but …dangerously fast; the fact that we cannot escape it; the direction imposed to us by this rhythm – downhill I mean, for we have been pushed by our own bad deeds, by our wrong decisions, by the disregard that represents one of the three worst parts of the world – along with ignorance and forgetfulness (according to the holy fathers’ teachings); the inertia that turned into habit… All these, as you mentioned, are reasons for worrying. What worries me most is not this state itself, because all these aspects could be changed, the balance tipping in favor of love eventually, not in favor of disaster… Oh, what worries me is our attitude towards this aspect we know; we are aware it’s not good to act like this and still, due to our laziness, disregard, forgetfulness etc, we continue to be so. It’s one thing not to understand what happens and it’s another to see, know, realize and despite all these, to remain in this numbness with full knowledge, not because you can’t act differently, but because you don’t want to.  This is where the danger starts: from the thing that what we do in general, we do with full knowledge! Signs showing that things are not good exist, God is warning us comprehensively, this is not hard to understand, since we all have a TV in our house and see the news. Our hearts are becoming cold and the fact that this coldness of hearts in the end times – which are these we are living now – has been prophesied, still doesn’t move us. When your heart went cold and you are left with a modicum of reason to save you, you can still do something: pray, even perfunctory, without full feeling, that God would send you His Grace, to give it back to you, to warm up your heart again. It’s obvious that a heart that seems lost, once it managed to formulate such a demand, still has a modicum of heat in it, even though very little; otherwise it wouldn’t be capable of it. Nowadays we are living the very last war, now being just its beginning, somewhere between its first and second phase, between the preparation for war and the first serious attacks. Many people say: well, problems in the history of the humankind have always existed, plagues, storms, local or world wars, etc., we will get over these things, they will end sometime, as it happened every time. Nothing truer and nothing so false, at the same time! It’s something like: the devil is politically correct. It’s true, this is how things are, it’s true that there will be a time when all these troubles will end… but how and where they end, no one tells!

G.G: You say all these troubles are going to end. How and when? Our world is in dissolution but we are comfortable with our mendacious thoughts saying that we still have time, that the signs we see are all normal nowadays, that they are not worrying and that God will not lose the world.

L.M: To the question how?, my answer is: with the end of this world. Where? In hell. You might say: many people talked about it and the end hasn’t come. It’s true, many talked about it, but without saying what they should have, because all these things hadn’t yet come true. God holds us or leaves us, according to how we pray, how we act, depending on what we believe and especially who… we believe in. It’s essential. Never in the history of the humankind have prophesies come true like they do nowadays, in great detail. Therefore, I remember that Saint Paisios of Mount Athos said that watching the news or reading the newspaper nowadays are like reading the Apocalypse. Nothing truer. Many people go wrong ignoring these signs, others exaggerate, whereas this is actually only the beginning of the end; there is still time until then… Other people harshly hit with their lack of faith although, just between us, they hardly know anything, they have never touched the Bible or read the saints’ writings, prophesies. It’s like during the war: total destabilization, the war itself, “divide and conquer”. Everyone has their opinion, everyone has their faith, although I don’t remember God having come and told that man has 100 ways to get to Heaven, but only one; He didn’t say we have the freedom to do anything, but the freedom to do good; He didn’t say we have the right to change His decisions according to our will and our own capacity to understand, but to keep his decisions-Laws, just as they are, for this world, the man, the Universe, all belong to Him.  This thing is worrying, that man sits on the throne of the world’s lord, when the Lord is Someone else and we all know Who! We all know what fate has a man like this, who thinks he can dethrone the Emperor and replace Him; the fate of Lucifer and all his followers is an example that seemingly fails to teach us a lesson! We create in our minds an impersonal God, when in fact God is much too PERSONAL! The fact that many people say that hilarious formula “I think that…” doesn’t mean anything. God, with all of His, doesn’t change only because you want to believe something else; it’s only you who stay outside Truth (with all the bad implications), swimming in murky waters, frozen and lacking light. Then, how can you see the reality, I mean the Truth when walking in the darkness? This kind of situation can be compared to that of the people that find pleasure in their pain, after a while… without doctor; in this case, without DOCTOR it’s impossible to come back to normality. It’s no surprise that some of these like not only to hurt themselves, but also the others… and the bad deed they do, they perfect it daily, thus getting meaner and meaner, more merciless… the darkness of their mind, their end and the end of all those like them, in conclusion the end of this world that thinks it walks on light, whereas it walks on darkness.

G.G: The signs we receive and that have been announced by prophets can be considered indicators of our decline? Are they similar to alarm signs for our conscience that only reacts to big shocks?

L.M: I said that God is sending us warnings now, but in vain. As long as we are not down, we are still getting hung up on bad things and our pleasures that are not innocent, but very guilty! This way, fogged up and drugged with these pleasures, we make our conscience numb saying that God Himself gave freedom to man, so it is all right… although, I repeat, the freedom is only given for doing good things, not bad things.  No one said, no god – except for that of the Satanists: do bad deeds, you have freedom! Show no common sense, you have freedom! Be vulgar, you have freedom… etc. What god would say this? By no means our true God! In this case, why should we be surprised that all heads to disaster? If drinking a lot, talking drugs, eating without limits mean getting sick and dying before time, we lose this world in a similar way, because the world would not find its place anymore… we lose it, it dies and we die too along with it.  You cannot live in wilderness! The sky is quaking, the people are quaking, and faith is quaking, the health, the air… everything! We have signs; we are being warned… if warnings were necessary! Despite all these, we continue to live an indecent life, in an unspeakable vulgarity, because this is the trend! This trend is invented by the devil, the one that hates us, despises us greatly and in whose hands we became some puppets, because he does what he wants with us so often! Out of pride we prefer not to accept this, but believe in something else, believe in a fictitious god that would serve our interests (it’s no more in trend to be unfaithful), in a god without God, that leads us to destruction. Instead of admitting we are wrong and changing ourselves, we prefer to continue this charade. Why? Of course it is not in trend to be unfaithful… Why do you think the devil allows this situation in which so many people believe in God’s existence, but a different god most of the times? Because he will soon come to settle in the world as a god! Atheists are of no use to him! Now is the preparation, but we still have time.

G.G: Since there’s still time for us, what can we do for this ship we are all in not to sink? Is love our salvation?

L.M: There’s so little to be done: to be better people, more generous, more lenient on good and uncompromising with the bad part that’s inside us (we are not talking about the others, we are not judging them!), to tilt the balance… TO TILT THE BALANCE TOWARDS LOVE! It’s not enough to organize concerts in which to show little hearts, the concerts being satanic events. It’s not enough to talk about tolerance: not tolerating the good, means tolerating the bad with great ease. It’s not enough to give a like when someone needs bread, housing, medicine instead of a like that could not take the place of a roof, bread or pills, a good word or a crying shoulder… It’s not enough to collect aid with the support of these that do bad deeds… their bread is bitter, so it’s better without it! The bread obtained from a lascivious dance of a woman in underwear instead of skirt, or from a song sang by a big star about living in sin… is a poisoned bread, without God’s blessing! All these and many others are not manifestations of love, but of the evil in person: bread and circuses, as usual! Read what Saint John Chrysostom says about circus. Even without Saint John – it’s not for nothing he was named Chrysostom – we could understand that circus, with all due respect, is not what God wants from us!  God is a serious God; He needs no circus to feel well. Similarly, being the son of God, man doesn’t need circus to relax or singings that are rather comparable to roars from the pit of hell than to symphonies for the heart! It depends on us what will be next; God has goodwill, forgiveness, the necessary means to redress the world, it’s quite easy! Today, Russia plays a very important role in this redressing, I believe! Greece, even though has the holy relics, Mount Athos and many spiritual goodies, has too many cracks in the ship, it’s sinking… Romania is a deep water… it only has to clear a little, to remember who it is and who has behind it, quick to aid and of great use: Saint Martyr Brâncoveanu.  Romania’s saints, those who went to God and those alive, those who will be from now on, will break these evil’s walls in the world, though it won’t look like that. No one and nothing will stop this, because what God wants, what God commands, cannot be stopped or destroyed! I’m not saying this because I am Romanian… my blood is mixed: Romanian, Jewish, Greek, Russian. Because I travel this world due to my therapist job, I don’t feel Romanian anymore or something else; I even have a surprising love for the Greek and Russian land, although I have been to Greece dozens of times but never to Russia so far!  When you travel a lot (I have been in approximately 16 countries so far), you see the world and its people, as they are, all sons of the same God, brothers, special people, special places… you cannot say that a place is more beautiful or better than the other, because God makes them all good and beautiful! You can only have an inclination for something or someone, for a place or an idea, etc, depending on your psychological profile, that’s all. I don’t have a country anymore… my country is the Heaven. We’ll see whether I will fight with the good fight until the end (the fight I have to carry with myself, with the evil inside, none other), so as to go home, in the Heaven that Lord prepared for us all. May God help us all reach there; I’m wishing you this with all my heart!

G.G: The heaven you present so beautifully in the words “I don’t have a country anymore – my country is the Heaven”, can be earned through love, manifested in works and faith. Can love be expressed through a simple word too?

L.M: The word has power… use the word to bless not only sons, family, parents, friends or those who do good to you… bless the whole world, the whole Earth with all its belongings, tip the balance in favor of love, because it now tips in favor of disaster! Bless those who hurt you, I’m telling you from experience that terrible enemies came back to me in peace and love many times, only because I abided, I prayed for them, I blessed them, I asked them to forgive me whether I did something wrong or not…

It’s possible… Love is cure, shield, sword, the good movie of our lives… so I’m telling you again: TILT THE BALANCE TOWARDS LOVE and the Skies will open for you, for us all!