I’m pregnant … I’m afraid of fear!

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Daniela Sora, Bucharest: I’m pregnant in the sixth month. I have always been afraid of birth, but now, when the weather is near, I’m afraid of fear! Please advise me what to do, how do I do? Do not lose the burden, God forbid, from such anxiety! Thank you! Pray for me, when you go to Greece, I’ll donate something for the road. I’m scared and because recently a star from us had problems at birth, it was to die. What if they are the same? Thank you!

Lelia Marcu: I know who you are talking about, except that the case is an isolated one, it must be some time before the next, right? It’s unlikely to be with you … unlikely to zero, so it’s helpful to think. We are in the 21st century, we have no cause for concern. In addition, before you were born billions of women, Adam and Eve, and nothing happened on the contrary. With so many aids and methods, it is time to forget the temptation of pain that will not last too much anyway, if we are to think better of the miracle to come directly and securely into our arms! This could only excite us, not create anxiety! Let’s say it’s not worse than other women … we’re waiting for pictures with the beggars, let’s enjoy it too !! God help! Easy birth! Write us how it was …