“Is There Still Anything I Can Do in order to Be Healed?”

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Vasile Doru Constantin, Germany: I asked God to make me healthy, I have been suffering of a coeliac disease for a long time. At least, so I understood it is called. If it comes to eating, I can’t eat anymore. If it comes to sleeping, no good sleep. It affects my work, my life, my family, I feel like taking destiny in my hands and do away with myself. However, I am thinking about my children and my wife. Is there still anything I can do in order to be healed? Or at least find out how to overcome these bad health conditions, can I please have that advice? For, I don’t even know what’s wrong with me, in fact.

Lelia Marcu: I suspect, in your case, anxiety abiding in you for a very long time. I can’t see any other means by which you got into this condition. Sometimes, past has to remain past, not to have it revive in the living present. Fearing about the future does not lead to anything good; our Saviour Jesus Christ said: Sufficient for the day is its own trouble (Matthew 6, 34). You may try, very surely and with all your strength of heart, to end this mischievous relationship you indulge yourself in with the past, divorce from it and remember that, at home, you have a wife and children, you do not need another wife called Anxiety.

If some things do not work out right within our lives, and they destroy us, we must try to look for the reasons why this is happening: because they are destructive or because we destroy ourselves by exaggerating them. After we find them out, it is useful to do away with everything bad, including food. If the doctor prescribed a diet and medical treatment, as long as you don’t exactly follow the doctor’s advice, it would be impossible for you to have the desired health standard and this is a natural course of facts. I urge you to reconsider some worries, things, events etc. in your life. In other words, clean up your present and fear not of the radical changes, if they become a must. Tolerating the present situation is not an option, I think, it only leads to growing more seriously. As for your idea of doing away with yourself, this is not a good business, in hell, living conditions are infinitely worse than on Earth, in this life you are living. Here we have a possibility to change things, there you may have only eternal suffering. This is to be understood by someone who is a believer,… but believing or not, you still get there, one does not have a choice, it is by harvesting what you have sown. Your wife and your children do not deserve such a thing, this may lead them to getting similarly ill, or, even worse, as a result of such tragedy. Fighting for your health, for it is not a difficult of unfair fight, is even the easy, wonderful and safe way of dealing with this situation!

Looking forward to hearing about improving your health, to good news! May God help!