„Ever since I Started Reading, I Feel a Lot Happier!”

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Mihaela Bălan, London: I am following you with kind regards, I have learned many things from you, the best thing I believe I have learned was reading… I must admit the fact that before, one had better ask me to clean up three villas than read something. Reading, after a few years, I realized that everything you were saying on TV, I could read from books, but why reading? I felt such shame, mixed with a feeling of joy, the joy of discovering new things, useful ones, and beyond that, my rhetoric improved, I feel more attracted to life, I feel more skilled in many circumstances after I have studied so much and I can say, yes, maybe lacking meekness, that I am a better person and more watchful. I do not want to boast about it with no use, but I only want to say I would advise everyone to grab a book.

Every book is a show, a film, an encyclopaedia, a therapist, a doctor, a psychologist, even a priest, a delight you can enjoy personally. It is wonderful! Ever since I started reading, I feel not depressed any more, I feel happier, I manage difficult situations better, I always have a friend in my bag, things couldn’t be better! I thank God for this, for endowing us with the gift of knowledge, as much, we people, can reach it! It is great! I feel I am a new person, I regained self-esteem and respect from others! Maybe I seem too enthusiastic! Try it yourself, getting to learn something new does not make one lose anything, on the contrary!

Your activity is wonderful! We thank you for it!